Mama Designs Washable Sanitary Pads - Pack of 3 - Teen Light
Mama Designs Washable Sanitary Pads - Pack of 3 - Teen Light
Mama Designs

Mama Designs Washable Sanitary Pads - Pack of 3 - Teen Light

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Cloth sanitary pads (CSP), menstrual pads,  reusable sanitary pads, washable period pads, cloth maternity pads, reusable pantyliners. It’s up to you what you call them but we think you will love our Mama Designs reusable pads…

Pack of 3 re-usable sanitary pads

Slim and discreet – Soft and comfortable – Absorbent and reliable

These washable sanitary pads are super soft, slim and comfortable, they are absorbent and
reliable with a waterproof backing. They have wings with a popper fastening, and popper into your pants.

Save a fortune versus disposables and do your bit for the planet.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Slim and discreet
  • Highly absorbent
  • Waterproof backing, won’t leak


  • Teen Light for light flow or as a smaller pantyliner
  • Teen Regular for girls or petite women (normal flow)


  • With soft layer facing upwards, place pad in your tight-fitting underwear (snug pants are really important!)
  • Fold the wings underneath
  • Fasten the poppers (you won’t feel the popper)
  • Change regularly when pad feels full (you will notice the wet on the top when the pad is full)


Rinse after use with cold water before you wash them. This will help to ensure they wash as best as
possible. Do not use fabric softener, as this reduces their effectiveness.

Do not tumble dry. They dry very quickly anyway.

Using powder rather than liquid can cause bobbling.

You can wash them up to 40 degrees.

The pads fold up and popper shut in a little parcel. Everything on the outside is waterproof. Any liquid is drawn into the centre of the pad. There are no danger of leaks from a used pad.

Your used pads will not smell! Disposables can smell because they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Reusable pads do not smell.

These reusable cloth pads do not feel wet when you wear them. Liquid is drawn into the inside of the pad and the pad itself will often feel dry to the touch.

Pad Dimensions

Teen Light -22cm length x 6.5cm (width) single inner layer

Teen Regular  – 22cm length x 6.5cm (width) double-layered inner


Top of pad 100% cotton flannel.  This provides you with a super soft and comfortable pad.

Inner wadding 100% polyester microfibre, because this is quick-drying and extremely absorbent.

Waterproof outer 100% polyester PUL.    Yes there is a little plastic in our pads. The popper and the PUL coating. This is because we wanted an effective product and without waterproofing they would not work.