About Us


Welcome to The Future Image - We are a family run business from West Yorkshire who specialise in pre-loved childrens clothes.

Our clothes range from Newborn size upwards and contain designer brands through to your highstreet and supermarket favourites.

We aim to ensure that all the items we sell are accurately described and in a condition we would happily dress our own children in.

Each individual item has its own description and we would never intend to sell anything that has a hole or a stain without noting it in the items description.

We have children and realised how quickly they outgrow their clothes - well before they out wear them.
Some clothes were only worn a handful of times and still had so much wear left in them, it was such a shame that they might not be worn again - it was from there our pre-loved childrens clothes business idea was born and here we are today.
By recycling these clothes we are also reducing our carbon footprint and avoiding them ending up in landfill.

We endeavour to ensure our customers are happy with their pre-loved purchase, so if you are not happy - please let us know at info@thefutureimage.co.uk.