About Us


Welcome to The Future Image - a family run business from West Yorkshire, specialising in sustainable toys and resources for your family.

At The Future Image we understand the importance of play and have a wide range of wonderful toys and gifts to inspire your childrens imagination.

We encourage open-ended play for babies to children of all ages with our ethically sourced educational and sensory resources and toys.


I started TFI in April 2018 selling preloved clothing along with a small selection of toys. By recycling the clothing - we were reducing our carbon footprint and avoiding them ending up in landfill. However we realised this wasn't happening with childrens toys. We were still very much living in a throwaway society, even our local charity shops were throwing away hundreds of toys as they deemed them "not good enough" to sell on secondhand. 

So I started researching for sustainable childrens toys which are eco friendly to make yet durable to last generations, therefore not ending up in the bin after one child has finished with them. I was looking for toys which can grow with a child, can be passed along to siblings or friends and still be loved for years to come. By Feb 2019 The Future Image took a change and I started stocking more toys and resources and began to grow the business. 

The toys, gifts, educational and sensory resources have been expanding and in April 2021 I added our new Eco Living range. This is a range of eco friendly swaps you can make in your home life which tie in nicely with our toy and resources collection. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you can continue to join our journey and expanding business to bring you lots more wonderful eco friendly and sustainable shopping!