What's In Your Box? - July/August

What's In Your Box? - July/August

We are very excited for you to enjoy our Play & Explore box.
Each month there will be a different theme. We will share the contents of your box plus some play ideas and free downloads here on the blog posts.

For those who signed up between 21st June - 20th July for our August box your Play & Explore theme is SUMMER

Inside your summer themed box you will find a selection of resources from different brands including:

  • Pavement chalk
  • Wind up butterfly
  • Dancing ribbons
  • Mini bubble wand
  • Wooden Ice Cream
  • Travel game

Free Printables

To go along with your box we have created some free printable resources. For our Agust box we have a summer planner, bubble recipe and summer scavenger hunt. 

TFI Play & Explore Free Printables - Summer Plans TFI Play & Explore Free Printables - Bubble Recipe TFI Play & Explore Free Printables - Scavenger Hunt

See more Free Printables here too.

 Play Ideas

When putting together our summer themed box, we wanted to encourage movement and outdoor play. 

The wind up butterfly and dancing ribbons are great to get children moving and burn off some energy either indoors or outside. They can chase the butterfly as it flies and why not add the ribbons to a game of musical statues to add a fun and colourful twist?

What child doesn't love bubbles? A mini bubble wand and pot of bubbles is always a huge hit with our own children. Get them helping to make their own bubble mixture using our free printable recipe then watch them pop as they blow in the breeze.

Our pavement chalks are great to decorate any outside space with pictures or fun games. Play endless games of hopscotch, tic tac toe or draw stepping stones for children to hop and jump between. Grab a sponge from the kitchen and a bucket or water and try to splat the chalk drawn targets on the wall or floor. When the game is over grab a paint brush or sweeping brush and let them paint the chalk away ready to start the games all over again.

Take the travel fishing game along when you're heading out. Great for keeping little hands entertained whether you're heading to meet a friend for a cuppa or going on holiday. The game easily packs away into its own little bag to keep all of the pieces together.

Does your child love to play pretend? Create their own ice cream shop with the wooden ice cream. You could even help them to recycle your sub box into their own little ice cream stall.

The paint your own birdhouse is perfect for when you need a calming activity after all of the fun. 

Don't forget to share what you get up to with your box.
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