Sensory Toy Subscription Box - What's In Your Box?

Sensory Sub Box - June/July

We are very excited for our first month of the Sensory Toy sub box.
Each month there will be a selection of sensory toys to suit the age range that you have signed up for. 
Here on the TFI blog we will be highlighting some of the amazing resources included in each box and a few play ideas to get you started.
For those who signed up between 21st May - 20th June for our June/July Sensory Box, included in your box is:
Under 12 Months
Sensory Sound Buttons: 

The buttons are are lightweight and tactile to handle, making them of particular appeal to children with SEND.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for using in sensory play resources:

• Chemical free – no toxins
• Durable – strong and lightweight
• Hygienic – non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant

Supports Sensory: Sound & Touch

1-3 Years
Textured Shapes:
These tactile shapes are easy to grab & squeeze.
With bright colours and different tactile elements.
Supports Sensory: Touch & Visual
3 Years+
Linking Discs:
Highly appealing colourful octagonal discs in two sizes with notches for interlocking and a central hole suitable for threading. They can be used to construct abstract or symmetrical structures, are ideal for sorting and pattern-making, and will help children to develop fine motor skills as well as encourage logical and creative thinking.
These can also be played with on a light table to add in an extra sensory element or holding up to light.
Supports Sensory: Touch & Visual 
Your Free Printables this month are Colour Splats
Print them from here or browse our other Free Printables too from the homepage menu.
Coloured Splats to Print
To Colour Splats to Print
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