Sensory Play: Rainbow Rice

Sensory Play: Rainbow Rice

Sensory Play Rainbow Rice

I have been wanting to make Rainbow Rice for a while now – it’s a great sensory activity as it’s colourful, makes great noises and helps fine motor skills. Plus it is mess free fun!

There are loads of different ways of dying rice, some ideas I had read were using food dyes then some say vinegar is best, others say water or alcohol hand gel.
But I have created some amazing Rainbow Rice without any of the above and it looks awesome.
It is mess free and doesn’t take long to do either.

All you need is:

  • White Rice
  • Food Bags
  • Ready Mix Paint
  • A Tray


Firstly separate some rice into individual bags. Choose your paint colours and squeeze in a little paint into each bag. The more paint you add will take longer to dry later on (I found this out the hard way with my over enthusiastic little man who squirted loads of paint into one of the bags) My tip would be to do a little bit at a time and just gradually add more until all grains of rice have a good covering.


Once you have squished the paint around the bag of rice and made sure it is all evenly spread out, empty the rice onto a tray and spread it out to dry. It should dry off within an hour (or longer if your little one also squeezed too much paint in!)

When it is dry – admire your wonderful Rainbow Rice looking all pretty as I guarantee as soon as your toddler gets to it - the first thing they will want to do is mix it all up! – Which looks awesome too!

Then get playing with it!!
We put toys in it and covered them up with rainbow rice, we used spoons to move it around. We got out my little boys diggers and we were excavating the rice. My 8 year old came home from school and she joined in the fun of the Rainbow Rice (So it’s not just for little ones!)


When we had finished playing I poured it into a jar ready to play with another day!!

If you love the look of this – have a go at making it yourself and send us in some photos. Alternatively you can buy a ready-made jar of Rainbow Rice on our website for £6.00.

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