Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs


Following on from our trip to Scotland – One morning we got up and headed straight to the beach to look in the rock pools as the tide drifted out.

We came across hundreds of hermit crabs and found ourselves surrounded by them and absolutely fascinated by them! They are such resourceful little creatures and by no means a “hermit” – they were all gathered together, climbing over each other.

They suddenly decide enough is enough, pack up their little hermit bags and move house. What I also find fascinating is that they only move to shells that they deem an acceptable size. Some shells can be too big for them, so they leave that shell and find another.

I go through life worrying if we are going to outgrow our house soon? The children are getting bigger and accumulating more stuff – what will we do? Can we adapt?  - Yet a little hermit crab has it all sussed out. It’s crazy how something as small, but equally as awesome as a hermit crab can really make you put some perspective into life! If that little creature can do it – then so can I !

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