Teddo Play - Where Our Food Grows
Teddo Play - Where Our Food Grows
Teddo Play

Teddo Play - Where Our Food Grows

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Each Teddo Play Set also includes:

  • Free Magnetic Close Gift box / Storage box
  • Free 40 page play guide with ideas for playing and learning

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Teddo Play - Where Our Food Grows

This very informative set of 40 fruits & vegetables on trees, bushes, plants, vines etc.  It is a fantastic resource to introduce children to how and where the food we eat grows.

The front of the learning card has the food in its natural state and surroundings depending on where it grows. The reverse of the card tells you what you see in the image on the front, where it grows and also some interesting lesser-known facts about it.

  • Introduce children to how and where the food we eat grows 
  • Learn to identify, match, sort & categorise different fruit & vegetables 
  • Learn all about where our food grows – on trees, bushes, plants, on vines, on tall shrubs, under the ground, on the ground or on vines on the ground!
  • Numerous activities and play ideas included in the free play guide 
  • Helps promote reading & instil a natural enthusiasm for learning in children
  • Explore interesting lesser-known facts about various fruit and vegetables and encourage healthy eating habits

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