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Teddo Play

Teddo Play - Tickly My Brain - I Can Do It

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Each Teddo Play Set also includes:

  • Free Magnetic Close Gift box / Storage box
  • Free 40 page play guide with ideas for playing and learning

Additional adhesive magnets can also be added - a set of 40x adhesive magnets is £4.99 Click Here to add them to your order

Teddo Play - Tickle My Brain - I Can Do It

A very unique learning set where children will learn to train their brains by embedding sequencing & coding concepts and logical thinking into their everyday learning and activities. All learning cards in this set have been carefully designed to serve as a workout for their rapidly developing brains, activating those amazing brain cells.

Suggested age range: 10-99 years old!

The various learning cards have been split into two stacks, one has a variety of questions, riddles and puzzles on both sides encouraging children to think outside the box, to concentrate, build patience & perseverance and use their logical thinking skills to carefully analyse and solve a number of problems; and the other stack contains all the answers. So there’s no chance of cheating or an ‘I-was-just-looking’ excuse as the answers won’t be at the back of the learning card containing the question, but rather on a separate learning card from the ‘answers stack’, which we advise to keep away when children are working on the questions set.

* Varying levels of complexity - no right or wrong order, children can use them in any order they prefer

* Separate answers stack so there's no temptation for children to flip the card for answers, there won't be any!

* The set is prepared in a scientific manner such that it gives a good balance of simple, moderate and complex levels of questions for a good overall brain workout!

* Also included are a number of direction cards to help you introduce the concept of mental mapping to children. Use them to chart out a route introducing spatial concepts of ‘moving forward/backward’, ‘turning right/left’, ‘top’, ‘bottom’, ‘middle’, ‘centre’, ‘diagonal’, 'north', 'south', 'east', 'west', 'north-east', 'north-west', 'south-east', 'south-west' 'go around’ and so on

* Double-sided for twice the fun!

UKCA/CE Tested. 100% Made in the UK from start to finish.


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