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Teddo Play

Teddo Play - Dinos - From Flesh To Bones

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Each Teddo Play Set also includes:

  • Free Magnetic Close Gift box / Storage box
  • Free 40 page play guide with ideas for playing and learning

Additional adhesive magnets can also be added - a set of 40x adhesive magnets is £4.99 Click Here to add them to your order

Teddo Play - Dinos - From Flesh To Bones

RAAAR!! This giant set is part of our Special Edition Collection, and contains over 20 jaw-dropping dinosaurs in flesh with their corresponding skeletons.

Each Dino learning card is double-sided and contains a large detailed illustration of the popular and not-so-popular dinos on the front.

The reverse of the robust learning cards teaches children :

* how to spell as well as pronounce the names of their favourite dinos,
* a short and easy-to-remember description,
* a skeleton version of the dino in front, and
* a host of interesting facts around their diet, which era they lived in, how sharp their teeth were, whether they moved on 2 or 4 legs or if they were able to fly!

We don’t like to give away the name with the photo in order to encourage children to have a go at guessing and recalling the respective names and spellings, helping them build good memory recall.

* Spend time observing the detailed illustration and talking about what you see.
* Encourage children to use different words and terms to describe how fearsome or friendly the dinosaur appears, whether it is big or small, feathered or not, and so on.
* Discuss about its diet, how it moved, when it lived.
* Find out other dinos from your set which were from the same era.
* Separate herbivores from carnivores, find out if any were omnivore?
* Play dino quiz with siblings, friends, parents or families asking questions from the information on the back of your learning cards.
* Challenge yourself and others to pronounce the complex dino names correctly!

UKCA/CE Tested. 100% Made in the UK from start to finish.

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