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Sensory Toys

Chewigem Chewing Pendant – Heather Raindrop Necklace

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Please allow up to 14 days processing time on orders containing our sensory range.

Chew toys are basically made for children who have special needs like the ones who have autism, sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADHD or dyspraxia. Some of these children feel under-stimulated while some are over-stimulated. Some of them chew on things because the feeling of chewing is enjoyable for them. They also chew when they are teething. Parents are usually very concerned about this habit as it might cause damage to the teeth and gums of their children. It might also cause damage to other belongings that they chew on, like clothing, jewellery, etc.

The Chewigem Chewing Necklace- Heather Raindrop is a raindrop shaped chewy which is thicker on one side for more sensory stimulation. It looks extremely trendy and is a good option for moderate chewers. It is suitable for all ages. It can prove to be very useful for babies and children, especially the ones who have special needs. This chewable pendant is looped on a black string that measures 94cm and can be adjusted. They are available in many different colours and sizes. They are made of silicone and are completely safe. They can be very handy for moms, travelling with babies. They can give them the necklace whenever they feel like biting anything. This way, they will not have to worry about their children biting anything which is not safe for them.

Please Note: Chewable necklaces are not a toy. We strongly recommend supervision at all times.

Made from food safe, medical grade silicone approved for baby teethers. Whilst NOT a toy - CE marked against the required toy safety standards. Must be used under supervision, inspected before each use and discarded and replaced when signs of wear are visible. Hard wearing, it will not tear or break, any bite indents will usually self correct within 24 hours… (although the silicone is not entirely immune from damage and not recommended for aggressive chewers). Cotton clasp is NOT for chewing. Chewigem chewing necklace are washable in a steriliser, dishwasher or hot water.

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