What does pre-loved mean?

We sell our items as 'pre-loved' - this means that the items have either been previously owned or used.

We sell mainly used / secondhand items, but some may also be new with tags. However they have ALL been previously owned whether they are classed as new or used.

Pre-loved clothes are a great way to lowering our carbon footprint. Recycling in this way will help to avoid them ending up in landfill.

We tend to describe our pre-loved clothes as follows:
Well worn - These clothes tend to show signs of bobbling or fading with possible washed out colours and/or stains.
Good - These clothes tend to show signs of wear - maybe slight bobbling or a motif is slightly faded, or a small faded stain.
Great - These clothes have minimal signs of wear.
Excellent - These clothes look almost new and may have only been washed or worn once.
New - These clothes have tags on from when they were first purchased from the shop. They have not been worn or washed.

We will class the clothes in one of these catagories, but we will also add a description as to why and show additional photos as to where the wear is on the item. If any item has a stain, a hole or any other imperfection - we will note this in the description. We would not intentionally sell you something with a defect without noting it.