Tender Leaf Animal Subscription

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We have an awesome offer for you on our Tender leaf Subscription - sign up by March 31st 2022 !

FREE Extra Animals for your first 6 months!!
1 extra animal each month for free for level 1 & 2 
2 extra animals each month for free for level 3

Tender Leaf Monthly Animal Subscription | with additional options. Price also includes delivery. Subscription Button at the bottom of the page 👇👇👇

Would you like a monthly subscription box? Filled with beautiful wooden Tender Leaf toy animals.

Build your Animal Collection with our monthly subscription box. Choose from 3, 5 or 8 figures per month.

Recommended for new collectors of Tender Leaf figures or those who don't mind having some duplicates in their collections. The surprise box will contain animal figures across the range of Costal Animals, Farmyard Animals, Safari Animals and Woodland Animals with the option of including or excluding Dinosaurs.

Tender Leaf Toys are made from sustainable solid rubber wood, they are hand finished and painted in soft water colour stain.

Level 1 - 3 Figures Per Month £12.99
Level 2 - 5 Figures Per Month £18.99
Level 3 - 8 Figures Per Month £28.99

Subscription Level


All Subscriptions and Surprise Boxes are non-refundable if you simply do not like the items. We do spend time tailoring these boxes to suit you and your family but they are surprise boxes. The term "box" refers to the packaging - we do not supply a presentation box to keep costings down. Thank you!