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Free Resources

Free printables for you to print and share at home or with your class.

TFI's 4th Birthday!

Woo Hoo! on April 6th 2022 we are turning 4!
Join in with our fun and games over in our Facebook Group:

Here we have some party hats, bunting and cake colouring for you to enjoy too!

TFI Birthday Free Printables
mindfulness colouring hearts

Mindfulness Colouring - Hearts

Mindfulness Colouring for both adults and children is about bringing your awareness into the present moment and helping you to relax.
By bringing your focus into colouring, it helps your mind and body relax and lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Free Hearts Colouring

Animal Groups

To go along side your playing, we have made these activity sheets to help your children understand the different animal groups.

Animal Group Activity Sheets Free

Mini Beasts

All things Mini Beasts.
Colour, Cut and Stick.

Mini Beast Free Printables
tracing lines simple

Tracing Lines

Tracing Lines is a pre-writing skill and builds the foundations for little ones as they learn to draw, form letters and words. It not only helps the pre-writing skills but is great for practising fine motor skills, creativity, concentration and focus.

Tracing Lines Free Printable
tiger paper mask to cut out

Chinese New Year Free Printables

Free activity sheets for children about Chinese New Year 2022. Colouring in the Tiger, tracing activities, playdough activity, make a tiger mask and more.

Chinese New Year Printables