Wudimals hand carved wooden animals


Introducing the newest brand to join The Future Image ... Wudimals.

You may have seen these wonderful animals sneak onto our website last week, but I thought it best to officially introduce them!

Wudimals Wooden Animals Invitation to Play. Hand carved. Fish Frog Birds Owl Squirrel

Wudimals are sustainably and ethically made from the wood they use to to the 100% green energy to the natural resources they use and fair pay and treatment to their staff. They are beautifully hand carved and hand painted meaning that each animal is unique. 

Wudimals Hand Carved Wooden Animals Birds Frog Duck

When creating the animals, Wudimals aims to make them as lifelike as possible so that children can enjoy a more realistic looking toy. Making them with 4-9 year olds in mind.

Wudimals Hand Carved Wooden Owl

..... AND......
We also have the Wudimals Monthly Subscriptions open too!! 
Wudimals Wooden Animal Subscription, Wooden Toys

We know that many of you love collecting beautiful wooden toys so to help we have set up a monthly subscription for the Wudimals animals. 

There are 4 levels depending on how many figures you would like to receive each month. If you already own some then just pop us an email to let us know so that we can ensure that we don't send you any duplicates.

Head to Wudimals Monthly Subscription for more details.


The skill to make these must be insane !

Gemma Commons

Loving these the details are just amazing

Millie Yates

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