Working from home - still need to find the balance.

Working from home - still need to find the balance.

Working from home – who knew it would be this hard?

In this photo is my my adorable little boy who is “helping mummy” work!

As he lays across my photographing area – typing gobbledegook on my laptop (which im hoping he hasn’t hit the button to publish to my website) I am smiling at him thinking I’m partly doing all this “working from home” malarky because I am wanting to spend more time with him and my daughter. Yet I am REALLY struggling to find a good balance yet. I know the website is all new and adding items daily is time consumming, but I feel I am constantly working at the moment. I know things will eventually settle down and I will find core hours for working and seperate family time. Either way it beats my old job where I would have to drop the children at Nursery and out of school club (which both cost a freaking fortune!!!) and not get home until late of which I wouldn’t have any time to spend with them as they were off to bed! I much rather have this... my baby boy laid on the floor working with mummy!! = Perfect 😍

I’m so happy that its working out and I don’t mind plowing alot of time into the business at the mo, so I know our family lifestyle will be much better for it and I dont’t say it to his face – but I’m grateful to my other half whos allowed me and encouraged me to start the business. I would have struggled without his support! 😊

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