Small fish in a big sea

Small fish in a big sea

Well here we are... Ive been wanting to set up a business for many years, but never had the courage to do it. Im not sure whats changed, but im really excited for it!

I am a Mother to two wonderful children. 1 girl and 1 boy. They are amazing little people and I want to spend as much time with them as I can. Firstly I thought doing this was the way to do it - but oh my, the amount of work, effort and time im putting into the new business seems to be doing quite the oposite. Any spare second I jump onto my phone or laptop and continue building more and more of the website. Until today when I got a tap on the shoulder from my 2 year old who said "Mummy play?" - who can resist that? He did end up smacking me around the shins with plastic golf clubs - so play did come to an abrupt end. He enjoyed it though!! šŸ˜

Anyway im super excited for the start of this journey. Spent many a time researching and testing different website platforms and im happy with my choice.

I love buying clothes for my children and it can get a tad expensive, especially when you just want a pink stripey tshirt to go with her cute dunagrees outfit as i think she will look super cute for my mums birthday! And will probably only wear it that one day for a couple of hours and also most probably spill jam from the yummy birthday cake all down the front of it. But the last thing i want to do is trail the children into town. Park up in the none child friendly car parks we have in our town. Cost me several pounds in car park charges to drag my girl (who really doesnt want to be there) and push my little boy in his pushchair (who also doesnt want to be there) but is trying his damn hardest to squeeze himself out of his pushchair straps and cries when hes "stuck" - no darling your not 'stuck' your fastened in!! - so town isn't fun! And other than ebay - i didnt know where else to look. Brain wave - i shall sell preloved childrens clothes and make it easy for other like minded mums, dad, grandmas, grandads, aunties and uncles like myself who wants hastle free inexpensive clothes.

And here I am.


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