Pram shoes, Bare Feet or Socks – Which do you prefer?

Pram shoes, Bare Feet or Socks – Which do you prefer?

Pram shoes, Bare Feet or Socks – Which do you prefer?

From birth - up until they were walking my daughter and son did not wear anything on their feet – the occasional pair of socks were worn when it was cold, or to finish an outfit off for a special occasion, but other than that – bare feet it was!

However on our website, we sell quite a lot of pram shoes. I didn’t put my children in pram shoes; this wasn’t because I had negative thoughts about pram shoes, I just loved looking at their cute little toes!
It wasn’t long before my children were in proper shoes anyway, especially my daughter, at 11 months old she had already grasped toddling around the house and was wearing her big girls shoes and was holding my hand when walking up to the shops and back – her feet were so small though it took us a job finding her some proper shoes – most were soft soles at that small size – which wasn’t appropriate as she needed a harder sole when walking outside in case she trod on something sharp!

However going back to whether you put you little ones in pram shoes, socks or neither – there are so many arguments for and against all 3 of these options.

Pram shoes look cute 😍 – there is no denying it – seeing a little one sat supporting some super cute shoes just makes you smile!
Some however say they are a total waste of money and you can use that money towards better things as your children grow up.
There are also a lot of professionals however who argue that pram shoes should come with warning labels as they hinder muscle growth and development and cause problems in later life.

Realistically though – most of the parents I know who put their little ones in pram shoes do so for only a short period of time anyway, surely these short periods of wear are not going to cause such drastic damage to their feet? -

  • A special occasion perhaps – dressed up and looking gorgeous for Grandads birthday and to finish the outfit of nicely – a cute pair of pram shoes.
  • A cold day – we know that those socks are not staying on your baby’s feet and instead of putting the socks on 10+ times over an hour period – pop on some pram shoes, not only will they keep the socks on, but they look gorgeous and will add a little more warmth to your little ones feet from the cold.

 I have a friend who has a little boy just over 2 months old and unbeknown to him, this gorgeous little man has an amazing shoe collection already! I am unsure if he has worn any of them yet, as I know his mum just loves his cute little toes, but when he does, he is going to be one stylish little dude! And they are not bank breaking items, they are pre-loved shoes and they were bought to just add a little touch to finish his outfits off and I’ve seen the collection and they are nothing but adorable!!

This is a small selection of what we have available on our website:



Onto Socks and Booties…

One of the top gifts given to Newborn babies are booties and socks – these don’t have as much as a bad reputation for them as pram shoes do. I did try putting booties on my children in the winter but they didn’t stay on for two minutes. They are adorable though! Hand knitted ones are becoming popular too. I have a lot of hand knitted items on my website, not just booties, but cardigans and jumpers too and they all sell fast.
They come in a variety of styles too – most often they are included in outfit sets when bought new, but to buy on their own they are totally inexpensive and come winter months (if they stay on your little ones feet) then I think they are great to be worn under blankets to keep those tootsies extra warm!!
And if you are one of those parents who are on the fence whether to buy pram shoes or not – then start with some funky looking socks. Booties and socks come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles.

For instance these…



They are made to look like pram shoes, but are just sweet little socks. It was socks like these which I use to put on my children for special occasions to finish an outfit off and I use to get some lovely comments about them, it is one of the reasons I bought some of these socks to stock on the website.

If however you just can’t resist looking and playing with your little ones toes – then I don’t blame you for not wanting to cover them up – as I was the same too.
The professionals write that being barefoot for as long as possible is really good for our little ones growth and development. Babies’ feet contain no bones when they are born - just cartilage. The bones grow and develop as they get older. So I understand what the professionals mean when they say socks and shoes restrict growth – however I would argue that small periods of wear are not going to do much harm really. I expect this information is meant towards parents who would have their babies feet in socks and shoes constantly.

They do however continue to say that when your little one starts to walk that they should be barefoot also (If safe to do so!!!) As how your little ones feel through their feet helps them balance better. Toddlers are more likely to have their head up and look where they are going, rather than down at their feet, so being barefoot would help them feel what’s around them and adjust their walking and balance quicker.

Please feel free to comment below which you prefer, it would be interesting to read other parents thoughts! :) 





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