Mini Basic Clothing

Mini Basic Clothing

As some of you may know – our friends over at Mini Basics announced that they wanted to help reduce their carbon footprint and got in touch with us here at The Future Image.
We are an eco-friendly business and proudly support #zerowaste so we were delighted to accept their off cuts thus reducing more textiles ending up on landfill.
We recently received a bundle of clothing from them and the quality is wonderful right down to the cute little Mini Basics label in them.
Mini Basics was created out of frustration by a first time mum who just wanted one top in one colour at great quality and price – not a hard ask, but you will be surprised how hard that is to find. Most clothing has a pattern, a brand name or logo on it.
Mini Basics have designed clothing that is one tone in colour using a great quality fabric which is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and GOTS certified.

They currently have 10 items of clothing in 10 different colours of which you can mix and match items of clothes together to create new outfits for your little ones! – What a great idea!
They have also just launched their new bib range too which I really love as I was defiantly one of those mums who matched my babies bib to their outfit!

On our website you will find a range of Mini Basics clothing which wasn’t quite perfect colour wise to make their cut, but still looks awesome to us if you just want a basic top or leggings for your little ones!

But if you want the perfect colour combination for your little ones then head on over to Mini Basics website and Facebook page to check out their full range of clothing and colours. All their clothing is made to order just for you which looks and feels great!

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