How to set up your Toniebox

How to set up your Toniebox

How to set up your Toniebox

You're the proud owner of a Toniebox! Hurrah! Tonies are a fantastic way to encourage your children to be in control of their own music and stories. It offers independence, and allows them to explore their own interests at will.

Setting up a Toniebox has been made quite easy by the step-by-step Toniecloud process. They also have a Tonie-Tutorial Youtube video. For your peace of mind though, we have provided a written step-by-step guide below. We hope that you find it helpful!

In order to set up your new Toniebox, you will need:

• A smartphone, tablet or computer
• A stable Wifi/internet connection, along with your wifi password
• Your new Toniebox
• Your new Toniebox charging station

Step One – Set up a Toniecloud Account

To set up your Toniebox, you will first need to make a Tonicloud account. You can so this at . You will need an active email address and password. When you have entered your details, you will be sent a confirmation email with an activation link. Once you have activated your new Toniecloud account, you are ready to continue.

Step Two – Add your Toniebox

You will be asked to enter your Toniebox ID. This is an 8 digit code of numbers and letters, which can be found on the underneath of your Toniebox by the charging port. You can enter it with or without the hyphens – it will accept both. Once you have added your Toniebox, you will be given the option of renaming it (you can also come back and do this at a later date).

Step Three – Plug in the Toniebox

Ensure your charging station is plugged in and turned on, and sit the Toniebox on it. You will hear a welcome message, which will show you it is working.

Step Four – Enter connection mode

• Squeeze both ears at the same time to enter connection mode.
• Let go when you hear the audio signal.
• Blue flashing LED will show it's in connection mode
• After 20 seconds you will hear a second audio signal
• The blue light will stop flashing and start to pulsate instead

Step Five – Connect directly to your Toniebox

Each Toniebox has its own Wifi code. It cannot access the internet, it is just a way of being able to connect to it with either your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you are already connected to wifi, you will need to disconnect and find the Toniebox network instead. When you are connected to the Toniebox, the Toniecloud will automatically redirect you to the next step.

Step Six – Connect your Toniebox to your Wifi

On your Toniecloud screen, select your wifi network and enter your wifi password. When you click connect, three things will happen:
• Your screen will have a loading box
• Your Toniebox will give an audio signal
• Your Toniebox LEDs will flash blue
When you see the loading bar on your screen, you can then disconnect your smartphone/tablet/computer from the Toniebox network and reconnect to your own wifi. Your Toniebox will continue to connect to the wifi network.

Whilst connecting to the wifi network, the Toniebox LEDs will switch between blue and green, and might even turn off too. You will hear it beep twice. After 40-50 seconds, you will hear a confirmation message: “Great, now I'm ready for the Tonies! Have fun!”

Step Seven – Checking it is complete

Your Toniecloud screen will ask you whether the LEDs are green or red.

Blue – It is not quite complete. Wait a little longer
Flashing green – Wait a little longer. If it flashes for more than 15 seconds, something has gone wrong. At this stage, it is best to restart connection mode and start the process again.
Solid green – If you can remove the Toniebox from the charging station without a message, then it has worked.
Red – Something has gone wrong. It is most likely to be an incorrect wifi password, so try connecting again. If it is a different issue, it will give you an animal codeword that you can look up in the Toniecloud FAQ Section.

The best way to check your Toniebox is ready, is by popping a Tonie on top! When you put a new creative Tonie on top, it will tell you a lovely little tale.

Congratulations, you are all set up and ready to go!

We stock a wide range of Tonies at The Future Image, so be sure to check them out if you want to try something new!

Written by Rachel @MagicMayhemPlay @MagicMayhemRepeat

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