Hands up who remembers Jelly Sandals!

Hands up who remembers Jelly Sandals!

Jelly Sandals!! Actually... PINK Jelly Sandals! – This was an opening title to one of my Instagram posts and it actually got me reminiscing about summer days when I was young! 😊

If you were a child in the 90’s – you will smile at the thought of Jelly Sandals. All the cool kids were wearing them! Me and my sister use to love our Jelly Sandals (or Jelly Shoes as we called them) when we were little. We use to get excited about wearing them. Plus we both had matching jelly shoes (I actually think there is a photo of us both in the same outfit with matching jelly shoes too!!) I remember being able to paddle in the sea with the sandals still on!! I wouldn’t do that these days – not just because I don’t own any grownup adult jelly shoes but I’m not too fond of the beach anymore!! – It sucks being an adult! What happens to all those carefree thoughts and not worrying about anything! I use to love sitting on the beach digging holes, burying my Dad in the sand. Now I just cringe at the thought of the sand grains on my feet or in my shoes! How rubbish am I?

So going back to jelly shoes... I wonder if they do sell adult ones!? Maybe I could get my sister some for old time sake. Bright pink ones too! I remember them not been that comfy though. They were called Jelly Shoes but there certainly were not ‘jelly’ soft. They were made from a harder plastic and once your feet were wet they use to rub against your feet.

Now they are back in fashion – the children’s ones I’ve seen seem to have a more softer feel to them. They still come in lots of bright colours like they use to as they can match any outfit. They even did the clear jelly sandals too. Didn’t they also do a version with a heal? If so we certainly was not allowed these as children. 🙁

Right time to research adult jelly shoes! Wish me luck! 😃

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