Family Holiday!

Family Holiday!


Last week during the school holidays we took a little holiday up to Ayr in Scotland – It was wonderful!

After launching the business and daily updating products and just constantly “faffing” with the website – I was a little apprehensive that when we went away for the week that everything I’ve just spent months doing will come to a sudden stop and people will stop following us on Instagram and Facebook and the social media side of the business will just fail as I wasn’t adding daily news to the followers and massively aware I won’t be adding new items to the website daily like I said I would.

Ok not a “little” apprehensive – maybe A LOT.

Turns out nothing has changed. I worried (as usual) over nothing. The sales we had on the website were greeted by a lovely message from myself explaining there will be a short delay due to our family holiday and the customers still purchased anyway – phew! Panic over!

When I wasn’t falling asleep in the car the rest of the journey to and from Scotland was spent with my phone glued to my hand updating as much as I could just in case I didn’t have any reception. But I was able to manage the website from my phone whilst we were away so that helped a lot – which meant I was able to relax a bit and we had such a great time.

We jam packed our holiday with lots and lots of family fun activities. The weather was gorgeous, we did something different every day, we stayed up late watching the entertainment and the children loved dancing all night, but best of all it was just great for the four of us to be all together having fun! I genuinely cannot wait for another little get away like that. ❤️

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