Everything you need in your Hospital Bag

Everything you need in your Hospital Bag

Everything you need in your Hospital Bag.

This week I asked some Mums a question and I got over whelmed with responses.

I asked "What items do you think are a must need in your hospital bag when preparing for the birth of your baby."

There were some typical items which every mum mentioned such as clothes and toiletries but the great thing about asking real mums about what they had or wish they had with them in hospital is they give you answers which may have you repacking your hospital bag!

Below is the essential items for Baby. I have two children and both pregnancies were different. My last pregnancy I had to be induced unexpectadly which meant alot of waiting around, we were tierd, but needed to keep awake and occupied, we were hungry and thirsty and had not planned for this as my previous pregnancy we didn't spend much time in hospital so hadn't considered how different it would be.

Another essential I would like to tell you about is formula milk. I planned on breast feeding, but unfortunatley this couldn't happen, but we didn't have any milk with us in hospital. The hospital gave us 1 bottle of SMA milk and told my partner he had to travel a 40min round trip at 2am to a 24hr supermarket. He bought some milk and brought it back to the hospital and was then asked to leave as I was in a room with 3 other women and told to return in the morning. Looking back - I wish I had packed a few bottles of milk - I needed my partner with me and I hated he had to leave to get milk.

For Mums the list is even longer! All Mums say is make sure you have big comfy pants (a fair few of them - they can get messy!) Alot of Lady pads too! Baggy and comfy clothes to go home in, otherwise dressing gown and slippers are fine to walk around in. Flip flops for the wet rooms. Some wet rooms are communal so you need something easy to slip on your feet! And don't forget your nipple cream and pads! 

 Sometimes Daddy is forgotten about - but I certainly needed my partner. He was my rock throughout and he needs a few bits and pieces too. Essentially food - hospitals don't cater for your partner - they only just manage to give you some food and drink - so make sure you pack extra snacks and drinks for the both of you!

Then there are some other items that you may not have considered - but alot of Mums have mentioned these items below as they wish they had them in their hospital bags!

The need to be cooled down gets mentioned alot! Unfortunatly on my 1st pregnancy - I had lost all my sense of decency - i was so hot and could not cool down - I ended up totally starkers and trying to take cool baths! 

Hope these lists have helped a few of you out! They were after all written by many mums, but if you think we have missed something out - please do let us know!

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