Handmade hand knitted clothing

Cosy Handmade Knitwear

Hand knitted clothing

I think Handmade Knitwear is a little like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it.

I am afraid to say I was the latter before I had children, I really didn’t like it that much as I found it to be “Old Fashioned” and it took me back to when I was a child and I was made to wear these oversized itchy cardigans. I use to scratch my arms red raw when wearing them – not a nice memory of them!

However, my opinion changed when our first born came along. My Mother-in-law went straight to her knitting needles – making cardigans, jumpers and booties. Over the years as more Grandchildren came along she began to get more adventurous and along came ponchos and bobble hats or jumpers with amazingly detailed patterns. In fact she had converted me and I fell in love with the hand knits. The realisation that there wasn’t one type of horrible itchy wool in the world, but in fact an array of beautiful soft to touch wool or yarn which can be a blend of cotton, acrylic and nylon which don’t make you want to scratch your arms off and they are perfectly soft against your babies delicate skin.

Then came the question of when can my children wear these – Grandma was now knitting around the clock and producing many beautiful hand knitted items every couple of weeks.
Obviously winter is the perfect time to be adding that extra layer of warmth. However as spring approaches – I also found this a great time to be wearing knitted clothing. The winter coats maybe getting too heavy and warm in this early spring sunshine, so popping on a hand knitted cardigan instead still adds that snuggly warm feeling, without getting too hot and overheated when playing outside in the garden.

The colours and patterns are just beautiful and I always have and still do have such lovely comments about how sweet the hand knits look.
If you are unsure like I was in the beginning – take a look at our collection of new and pre-loved hand knitted clothing. I personally love the colours, patterns and detailing of the knitted clothing.

Let me know your thoughts too… have I converted you yet?

Handmade hand knitted children's clothes

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